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Store Owner & Head Designer​

Brenda Thompson​

Store Owner & Head Designer​

As a little girl, Brenda was known to re-decorate any area she could… With or without permission. Taking an early interest in the arts, fashion, and home economics, she centered her collegiate studies around interior design and fashion merchandising. Now, after over 20 years of elevating interior environments across the United States, she is a superb resource for spontaneous couch shoppers and luxury design clients alike. Brenda serves her customers with an overflowing passion, so when you walk through our doors and see her smile at you as if you’re an old friend, don’t be surprised!

Tom Thompson​ - Store Owner & Operations Manager


Store Owner & Operations Manager

Tom was born into the furniture business, it’s in the blood. His father and mother owned and operated a small store in Western Kansas, and Tom took the mantle when it was his time. However, he didn’t stop there – his success in the industry connected him with some of the biggest players in the game from store owners in key cities to product manufacturers across the country. The epitome of a gentle giant, Tom welcomes customers with open arms and a sense of generosity that is all but lost in our day and age.

Our Story

The Birth Of Refined Consign & Design

The Birth Of Refined Consign & Design

After a morning spent finding new furniture, Brenda and a long-time design client were in her living room discussing where each new item would like to live. With a heavy heart, her client caressed the nearby couch and asked, “Brenda, what are we going to do with all this beautiful furniture? My kids don’t want it.”

Right then, Brenda had a flash of inspiration, like lightning in the cloudy sky. If only there was a place for these gently used gems to be displayed, they would certainly be discovered by someone with a deep appreciation for the item’s quality and character.

Instead of being sent to dump, they would be given a second life. That evening, she drove home and enthusiastically shared her insight to her husband, Tom, who’d watched as the consignment concept gained traction over the past 30 years in the furniture industry.

As Brenda explained her idea, Tom realized that an upscale consignment store was an excellent way to ensure his customers continued to have access to designer quality furniture despite the industry’s steadily rising prices. Thus, the Thompson’s set out to build Colorado’s premier consignment store, offering a collection of superbly curated new and used items. The entire Refined Consign and Design Family is eager to bring new life to environments throughout Denver, Colorado, and beyond.

Above All, We Value

We aspire to preserve the essence of our simple store in small town Kansas, where helpful friendly faces are the first thing customers encounter. Our team is loaded with product knowledge and design insight to help guide our customers through their furniture selecting experience.

Quality is something you can sense in your heart. Our items are sourced from around the world, and while materials and methods may vary, we ensure every item is made with the highest standards in mind.

Connecting ourselves to our beloved customers through genuine friendship. Connecting our customers to quality items through unmatched product knowledge. Connecting each item to the unique environment through intuition and experience.



Our mission is to guide customers to the furnishing and design solutions that make their house feel like a home. Whether it’s a look, feeling, or aesthetic they’re seeking, we do our very best to offer insight and items of immense value for a fraction of the price.


Our vision is to elevate environments through the rejuvenative art of resourcefulness. By giving beautiful things a second life, we preserve the valuable human and natural resources that were poured into the design, development, and delivery of each item.

Our Team

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Design Consultant

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Our Mission

Is to help our lovely customers have the most fun they’ve ever had finding furniture. Our store is always brimming with beautiful items, so many that it can be a bit overwhelming. We offer a helping hand to guide the process and make sure the treasure hunt ends successfully.

Our Vision

Is one where shoppers on any budget can own furniture that makes their house a home. By giving beautiful things a second life, we preserve the valuable human and natural resources that were poured into the design, development, and delivery of each item.

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