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The Finer Things At Affordable Prices

Most people feel like they can’t afford to have luxurious taste – the cost of fancy furnishings and interior designers can certainly add up. By providing access to gently-used, high-quality items at approachable prices, along with our experienced design insights, Refined Consign & Design gives our customers the ability to elevate their style without breaking the bank.

The Refined Consign & Design Treasure Hunt

Our Products

We offer a curated selection of furnishings and accessories that are sure to elevate your environment.

Our Services

Our space is more than just a retail store, it’s a hub for our clients and design partners.

If you come in with an open mind, you never know what you might find. We call it a “treasure hunt” because hidden gems are everywhere. At Refined Consign and Design, we help our customers enjoy the experience of furnishing their home by walking them through our proven 3 step process.

Tom Thompson​ - Store Owner & Operations Manager

“Eye appeal, ass appeal, then price… Three simple steps to finding you the perfect chair.”

Tom Thompson

Our Process

Eye Appeal

One thing we’ve learned through a lifetime in the furniture business is no one knows what they want after only one lap around the store. Take your time, make mental notes, and come back around to the things that caught your eye for a closer look.

Comfort Check

Be sure to try before you buy! The chair looks great, but can you spend hours sitting in it? Is the desk the right height or do you need more leg room? These are the kinds of questions that only arise from a functional test of the item.

Bring It Home

No need to wait for anything to be assembled and shipped from some distant warehouse – we can get the item out the door and in your home the same day. We have multiple moving partners who ensure the safe delivery of your items, or we’re happy to help you load up your truck bed.

Our Products

Gently Used Furniture

Our bread and butter – come find high end consignment items from around the world (Far East Asia, West Africa, India, Italy, France, and more) or pieces produced by original artists and local consigners alike.

Custom Order Furniture

We can ensure you end up with the perfect piece by helping you design a custom made item from our friends in furniture factories from North Carolina to California that suits the form, function, and aesthetic of the space you’re looking to fill.


Need something to decorate a drab wall, floor, or other surface? From paintings and sculptures to rugs and table runners, our selection of home goods and accessories is sure to satisfy.

Lighting Fixtures & Window Coverings

Whether you need shades to keep light out, or lamps to shine light in, our selection of lighting solutions will give you control over the levels throughout your home.

Above All, We Value

We aspire to preserve the essence of our simple store in small town Kansas, where helpful friendly faces are the first thing customers encounter. Our team is loaded with product knowledge and design insight to help guide our customers through their furniture selecting experience.

Quality is something you can sense in your heart. Our items are sourced from around the world, and while materials and methods may vary, we ensure every item is made with the highest standards in mind.

Connecting ourselves to our beloved customers through genuine friendship. Connecting our customers to quality items through unmatched product knowledge. Connecting each item to the unique environment through intuition and experience.



Our mission is to guide customers to the furnishing and design solutions that make their house feel like a home. Whether it’s a look, feeling, or aesthetic they’re seeking, we do our very best to offer insight and items of immense value for a fraction of the price.


Our vision is to elevate environments through the rejuvenative art of resourcefulness. By giving beautiful things a second life, we preserve the valuable human and natural resources that were poured into the design, development, and delivery of each item.

Our Services

Designers Eyes & Insights

Our space is more than just a retail store, it’s a hub for our clients and design partners. Brenda, founder of Thompson Design & Associates, serves clients in Colorado, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, Missouri, California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Texas. Her work has been published in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine and House Trends Magazine – check out her website.

We invite our fellow design community to tap into our resources. Whether you’d like to rent our furniture for staging a home or use our office space for a new client consultation, your friends at Refined Consign and Design are eager to help you succeed!

For Walk Ins

When you walk into our store, you’ll be greeted by a design pro who wants nothing more than to help you find a piece that adds to or integrates with your current aesthetic.

For Clients

Your house becomes a home when it’s filled with beautiful things that bring you joy – when you work with Brenda and her team at Thompson Design & Associates, you receive the epitome of a luxury interior design experience.

For The Trade

We don’t consider fellow designers “competition”, we consider them friends! Our space is open to the trade, we want to provide access to our office rooms and specialty items so that they can meet and shop with clients in person.